Goodbye winter season! Hello spring! 🌷

Goodbye winter season! Hello spring! 🌷

For all those who want to switch from winter paddling to spring sessions...
For all of you who start paddling again at the beginning of spring...

We have the right equipment for you!

The outside temperatures are already pleasant, but the water is still cold.
Just put on your SUPSKIN suit and you are ready to go!

🌟 And by the way, the offer of 25% discount for all models in red and dark blue has been extended until Easter!

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Free shipping on all orders. Worldwide!

Don't miss the chance to spoil yourself with quality products at an unbeatable price. As long as stocks last.



Garment Care 

If you want to prepare your SUPSKIN for the new season, we have some valuable tips for you.
Get more info!


Repair & Service

If your drysuit needs a repair because the cuffs are torn or the zip can no longer be closed, please contact us. We will be happy to help you and get your drysuit back in shape.
Contact us now :)


If you have any questions, just let us know. 
Your SUPSKIN & More team 

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