In the beginning, we made winter paddling possible in the first place by using our suits. We even had to give the first ones away to establish the need for drysuits in people's minds back in 2011. At least we were able to convince the small sup community that neoprene doesn't work for on water sports.

After just one season, it was clear to everyone that drysuits for stand up paddling were here to stay.

For us, SUPSKIN & More means going our own way. Breaking out of familiar patterns. And in all these things, forging close partnerships and friendships with people who think like us. More than 10 years of shared passion.




Of course, the requirements have increased in the meantime and the areas of use have become more diverse.

And there is no one suit that can do everything.

That's why we have repeatedly expanded our portfolio with innovative new models in recent years. 

Not least thanks to the feedback from our customers and the numerous opinion leaders, we have succeeded in covering many areas for stand up paddling.


If you are looking for the ideal drysuit to support you in your activities, then take a quick look at the different models we offer our customers. 




  • DYNAMIC_performance training & race
  • ULTIMATE_touring even in winter
  • 2PIECE_innovative jacket and pants easily combined to a waterproof drysuit
  • MAGIC_heavy duty for white water & waves
  • X-LITE_extra light 2layer suit for cooler summer days & sup yoga



  • PADDLESKIN_for surfski
  • HIFLY_for advanced wingfoiling
  • ACCESSORIES_socks, gloves, splashpants, jacket




Our bestseller is still the Dynamic model, which has been designed for training and racing and is particularly suitable for sporty, ambitious paddling.

What sets our drysuits apart from many of our competitors is probably the fact that they are comfortable to wear while offering the best quality and performance.
The functional fabrics, which are laminated and processed especially for us in Austria, are very light and above all very stretchy.


Everyone who loves paddling as much as we do will find the right drysuit in our range or already has one or more of our products.

And now there is a new model that will hopefully appeal to many of our customers.

Allow me to introduce:
form follows function performance

This new model combines the lighter 2layer fabric like used in the X Lite in the upper body with 3layer stretchy material for the pants like in the Dynamic.

With our new model, we have focused specifically on thermoregulation.

Since we know that the body spends most of its energy during exercise on keeping the core temperature in the ideal range of 37°C, we wanted to take this into account by combining two different laminates. You´ll see, you can optimize your performance and save energy by using our suit technology and the right functional underwear to ensure that the sweat that everyone produces is wicked away as quickly as possible and that the heat balance in the suit is ideally regulated. 

The new SUPSKIN Active provides perfect conditions for sweat management in the upper body and helps keeping the legs and lower back warm.

Available in many cool design variants and options.
Ideal for training & racing and also for sup yoga and touring.

For men:

For women: 


This weekend we want to ask you online which design you like best :) and raffle off a SUPSKIN Active suit among all those who take part. Stay tuned on fb and instagram.

As an introduction, there will also be a 30% discount for those of you who decide quickly. The discount will be automatically deducted from the purchase price for the first 20 orders.
The sale of the SUPSKIN Active starts on Monday, April 8th at 10 am CET.

 Your SUPSKIN & More team :)


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