Sustainability Mission

It is nature that fires our imagination and our responsibility to take good care of it. To figure out an improved system of offering products to customers is the goal of sustainable fashion. Clothing should be made specifically for the wearer, fit perfectly, suit your style and be made to last like in the days before mass production and fast fashion.

Our 7 Principles


Our 7 Principles


MADE TO ORDER - The future of sustainable fashion can be summed up in these three words. Made-to-Order. We create only as much as it´s needed and what´s needed. The principle of emotionally durable design is starting to take hold. This encourages us to keep on creating items that people love, look after and want to keep for longer periods.

THE LEAST POSSIBLE WASTE - As a family brand we attach importance to building up an effective team and keep up the tradition. We cut our suits and products by hand and guarantee that they are made under safe, fair, legal and humane working conditions keeping our impact on the environment as small as possible.

DIRECT TO CUSTOMER - DIRECT MARKETING - We always focus on satisfied customers and deliver directly. Our brand, the production, the online shop and the logistic center are all located in one headquarter which means cost effectiveness and enables us to lower the prices whilst still offering the highest quality. Direct to customer = direct response.
Getting feedback from our customers is very important for us and creates a fruitful cooperation that is a benefit for all of us.

FOLLOWING BLUESIGN® - SUPSKIN & More has worked with bluesign®  technologies & partners following this system since the beginning to evaluate and reduce resource consumption in our materials supply chain. Intelligent high-quality textiles and parts have a longer service life and can remain in use for longer helping to preserve the environment.


MADE TO LAST -The value of repair - Extending the life of a garment, upcycling used materials and recycling unusable products allows us to keep materials flowing through the product life cycle and supports the ideas of the circular economy. We keep our gear in action longer offering repair kits but also exchange cuffs, zips or re-tape seams.

MADE TO MEASUREMENT - Correct fit is crucial for comfort and thermal performance of a drysuit. There is a suitable standard size for everyone, but nothing compares to the perfect fit of a made-to-measurement product. Our tailors draw up an individual cut based on 10 basic body measurements to produce a unique suit.

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